Wining and Dining at Chateau Copsa for a weekend

Wining and Dining at Chateau Copsa for a weekend

In the last month, we have been travelling to Bulgaria and exploring new places. However, this time we decided not only to visit the seaside but also the mountains in Bulgaria. Therefore, one of our chosen destinations was Chateau Copsa. As we were really happy with our experience, we have decided to share with you more about the dining and wining in Chateau Copsa. This place, positioned in the Karlovo valley, is hidden here between the mountains. We had a great weekend during which we experienced the magic of this place while enjoying the taste and aroma of the amazing Bulgarian wines.

Castle Copsa

As soon as we arrived there we were greeted with the polite and so friendly receptionist. We had a booking prior to our arrival to the Chateau due to the fact it was during the weekend, which tends to be the busiest period to visit this place. Everything there (place itself, staff, nature, food and wine) contributed to our best experience. 

We were given the ability to stay in the Panoramic Relax Lounge which is part of the Castle itself. It’s massive stone walls are surrounded by hundred-year-old beams and the high cut windows add to the pleasure of the wine and the beautiful view of our vineyards. We wanted to deepen our experience there, and therefore this was the main reason we decided to stay in the castle itself rather than in Maison Copsa, which is a boutique art hotel.

The Lounge

The Relax Lounge offers a marble Jacuzzi that could be seen from the comfortable massage and relaxation beds in the two stone towers. The Lounge zone itself also offers a panoramic view over the vineyards which can be seen from the two terraces. While enjoying the view to the vineyards, situated between the southern slope of the Balkan Mountains to the north and Sredna Gora to the south, we were also wining and enjoying the taste of the incredible wine. 

After the long days, we had to enjoy the beauty of the lounge. Therefore, we made ourselves a romantic date. Our dinner was served in the room, while we were relaxing in the jacuzzi based in the lounge. Make sure to try their homemade rose wine which is amazing. You can order it from here.

Wining and Dining at Chateau Copsa – a delicious dinner combined with unforgettable experiences

We were really impressed by the delicious food we were offered during our stay in the Chateau. Everything, that was in the menu was bio including the meet and vegetables. You can have a look at some of the dishes we enjoyed. Victoria enjoyed the taste the homemade sausage based on an old recipe while Christoph ate Stewed pork knuckle with vegetables garnished with black rice and raisins white wine of Chateau Copsa.

Homemade Sausage
Stewed Pork

Meeting a lot of sunsets with a glass of homemade Bulgarian wine, while enjoying the most incredible view from the lounge, we managed to enjoy most of the taste the Chateau can offer you and we were even given some bottles of wine to take home. Everything was divine!

Christoph enjoying the taste of homemade Chateau Copsa Angelica Rose Wine.

So, this was briefly our first experience with Chateau Copsa which included lot of sun, amazing wine, delicious food and wonderful memories.

If you want to become part of this incredible experience as well you can book a staying here. Don’t forget to let us know down in the comments your thoughts.


Victoria & Christoph

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